Pferdezucht Beuke

Hannoveraner Zucht

HStBSt. Saphira

 by St. Moritz - Wolkenstein II - Lombard

born 2008

Saphira is from the very successful mother-line of Longola by Lorlot - Schneeberg - Macdonald (family 694 – book Schridde) which splits into a Russian breed from Elbrebe by Eljen - Dominus - Jägersmann.

Her half sister Felicia by Falsterbo was Best Mare of the Show in Lilienthal 2009 and placed at the Herwart von der Decken Show in Verden 2009. Her half brother named Fürst Farbenfroh" is winning dressage classes of preliminary level and her other half brother named "Flash" is successful at Prix St. Georges.

Please click here to see the family of Saphira:    Family of Saphira

From the family of Longola are the international successful jumping horses

Conquest of Paradiso by Continue - Gotthardsen - Wendekreis ridden by Hugo Simon
Schwerin by Schwangau - Don Carlos - Sender I ridden by Gerd Wiltfang

and the international successful dressage horse

Rusty by Rebuss - Akcents - Diter ridden by Ulla Salzgeber

The below licensed stallions are from this family:

Admirandus, ZfdP, by Admirand - Wendekreis - Dominik xx, PB Bay.
Allotria I, Han., by Alcantara I - Lorlot - Schneeberg, Ldb. Celle
Allotria II, Han., by Alcantara I - Lorlot - Schneeberg, Ldb. Celle
Alpner, Han. by Almfex II - Sporting - Jägersmann, Ldb. Redefin
Atlas, Rhld., by Achat - Don Carlos - Sender I, PB Westf., Bay.
Balougran, Oldbg., by Baloubet du Rouet - Grannus - Argentinus, PB Zang.
Champion, Westf., by Cacir AA - Fidalgo xx - Don Carlos, PB Westf.
Dominant, Han., by Dolman - Foliant - Feinkorn, Ldb. Celle
Dompfaff, Han., by Dolman - Foliant - Jasperding, Ldb. Osnabrück
Dorn I, Han., by Dolman - Foliant - Feinkorn, Ldb. Osnabrück
Dorn II, Han., by Dolman - Foliant - Feinkorn, Ldb. Celle
Dozent, Han., by Dolman - Foliant - Feinkorn, Ldb. Osnabrück
Fasching, Han., by Furioso II - Obermaat/T. - Assing, PB Bawue.
Federball, Mecklbg., by Federow - Allegro - Jägersmann, Ldb. Redefin
Fernblick, Westf., by Frühlingsball - Fidalgo xx - Don Carlos, Ldb. Warendorf, Körsieger
Fokker, Han., by Foliant - Feinkorn - Jasperding, Ldb. Celle
Franks, RUS ?, by Finals - Roland - Eljen, LAT
Gran Sasso, Han., by Galan - Don Carlos - Goldfisch II, PB AUT
Katerakt, Bay., by Kassius/T. - Obermaat/T. - Weiler, Ldb. Schwaiganger
Kronos, Han., by Kaspar/T. - Der Löwe xx - Sender I, Ldb. Celle
Labamba, Han., by Landfriese I - Grannus - Wendekreis, PB Hess.
Linis, LAT ?, by Ludolf - Roland - Eljen, LAT
Lohengrin, Han, by Lohmann - Amtsjäger I - Goldfisch II, Ldb. Warendorf
Mohair, Bay., by Maharadscha/T. - Obermaat/T. - Weiler, PB Bay.
Rasputin, Han., by Raphael - Altenwalde - Diskant, PB Bay.
Refosco, Han., by Regazzoni - Grande - Diskant, PB
Romant, Bay., by Raphael - Spitzbube - Altenwalde, PB Bay.
Siciliano, Hess., by Scarlatti - Freigraf - Frühlingsball, PB Hess., Körsieger
Söldner, Han., by Sender I - Goldfisch II - Dominus, Ldb. Celle
Sullivan, NL, by Samber - Lector - Nimmerdor, PB Rhpfs.
Sven, Han., by Sudan xx - Wedekind - Don Carlos, PB Rhld.
Varius, Han., by Varus - Domspatz - Weiler, PB Bay., USA
Wodka, Han., by Wohlan - Amtsjäger I - Goldfisch II, Ldb. Schwaiganger
Wohlgemut, Han., by Wohlan - Amtsjäger I - Goldfisch II, PB Westf.
Wolchebnik, RUS ?, by Waigatsch - Balans xx - Sender I, RUS


2013  Filly by Duisenberg

2014  Filly by Fantastic

2015  Filly by Fantastic

2016  Filly by Finest


The sire St. Moritz by Sandro Hit - De Niro was awarded Premium stallion at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden 2005. In 2007 he was winning the Hanoverian Championship ans was qualified for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf. In autumn 2007 he died much too early after an accident. His descendants inspire by their type and the superior quality of movement . His son St. Moritz Junior was awarded premium stallion. The FN breeding value posted a dressage index of 137 points (security 73 % ) for St. Moritz.

The dam sire Wolkenstein II was the reserve winner at the Hanoverian licensing in 1992, Federal Champion in 1993 and stallion performance test winner in 1993 with 139.60 index points. In the FN breeding esteem he has a dressage score of 140 index points (security 99%). 47 his sons are licensed. 137 of 494 registered broodmares received the state premium title. His heredity-security is based on the well line breeding of Dr. Max Schulz - Stellenfleth from which also the significant stallions Garibaldi I and II, Brentano I and II and White star descend. The offspring of Wolkenstein II earned a profit sum of 404,501 euros until now. 49 offspring are successfully at dressage classes of advanced level and 10 offspring at jumping classes of advanced level.

The grandmother's sire Lombard goes back over Lugano II to the great Thoroughbred Der Löwe xx. Especially the stallion Lanthan has appeared as the sire and mother's sire of many licensed stallions. In the sport Lombard's offspring won prize money at the rate of 337,663 euros.

Further successful horses from this motherline:               

Lennox by Lombard (1978) successfully in show jumping classes at advanced level
Windus by Wandersmann xx (1984) successfully at jumping classes
Mosquero by Matcho AA (1984) successfully at eventin classes
Mortimer B by Matcho AA (1985) successfully at dressage classes
Buana by Wanderer (1985) successfully in sports
Anuschka by Abajo xx (1987) successfully i show jumping classes at preliminary level
Melibocus by Merlino (1989) successfully in show jumping classes of advanced level
Graf Luckner by. Graf Sponeck (1995) successfully in dressage classes at advanced level
White Moon by White Star (1999) successfully in dressage classes at preliminary level  (1.473,- €)

Ramilo Moon by Rotspon (2002) successfully in dressage classes at preliminary level

Flash by Falsterbo (2004) successfully in Prix St. Georges

Fürst Farbenfroh by Falsterbo (2005) successfully in dressage classes at preliminary level

Scope by Scolari (2011) successfully in riding classes and dressage horse classes at beginner level